May 18, 2024

In House Innovates

In House Innovates

Eco-Friendly Living: 5 Sustainable Features You Should Insist on for Your New Portland Home 

As the effects of global warming and climate change continue to rock the planet, more and more homeowners are turning to eco-friendly homes and amenities. The goal is to reduce their carbon footprint and make their part of the world a little greener. This move has seen many homes for sale in Portland incorporate sustainable features into their makeup to attract eco-conscious buyers. If you are such a buyer, here are five amenities you may want in your new Portland home.

Renewable Energy and Energy Star Appliances

Renewable energy is proving a cheaper and more sustainable alternative to traditional sources of energy. As you browse Portland homes with Portland OR real estate experts Wings NW Real Estate, insist on a home with heat pumps, biomass boilers, or solar panels so you can generate power at your new home. Also, look out for Energy Star label appliances across your home that have been EPA-rated as energy efficient. Note that these technologies have a high initial cost and may drive up your closing costs. However, the savings in the long run will be immense.  

Insulation, Ventilation, and Natural Lighting

Insulation, ventilation, and natural lighting are crucial aspects of sustainable living. Insulation and ventilation help you control the temperature in your home, preserving heat and cooling the house without the need for power-hungry ventilators. When picking a home, lean toward natural, biodegradable, non-toxic insulators like recycled plastic, cork, cotton, and sheep’s wool. Large, expansive doors and windows will also let in more natural light while adding an air of class to your home.

Smart Technology

The intersection of modernity and eco-friendly living is best negotiated with smart technology. Smart home systems allow you to control and lower energy consumption in your home at the touch of a button. Smart thermostats, for instance, can be set to adjust and regulate the temperature depending on the weather and your daily routine. They can turn off the heat when there is no one at home and turn it back home right before you get back. The same is true for smart lighting.    

Water Conservation

Water conversation amenities are a key component of green Portland real estate and eco-friendly living. Systems that regulate water consumption in your home can help lower your energy use and water consumption, saving you thousands of dollars. Depending on your needs, budget, and the size of your preferred home, you can consider low-flow shower heads and taps, efficient washing machines, and rainwater harvesting systems. The latter can be repurposed for flushing, car cleaning, watering, and more.

Reclaimed Wood

Whether used inside or in the structure of your new home, reclaimed wood is a powerful green move. In addition to adding a unique charm to your home, it also helps preserve trees and forests. Reclaimed wood from old furniture and buildings is often stronger and more durable than virgin wood. This is because it is usually derived from mature trees, a trait that makes it less likely to warp. 

Discuss Green Housing Options with Wings NW Real Estate Experts

Portland is certainly leading the charge in sustainable living in Oregon. From the many eco-friendly things to do in Portland to the popularly green neighborhoods like Cully and Pearl District, there is every reason to believe you can get these and other green amenities in your new Portland home. To help you look, Wings NW Real Estate experts conduct a one-on-one consultation with you to find out what you want in a property. Contact the office today to talk to an expert.