July 14, 2024

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In House Innovates

How to Keep Ants Out of Your House for Good

Keep Ants Out of Your House

Ants are nuisance creatures, so you want to free your home of them. Thankfully, there are many steps you can take to rid your home of these unwanted visitors. But ants can be quite persistent. Because of this, you may need to hire a pest control service if you want to live pest free. Often, pests can be hard to find, but pest control experts can identify entry points, find nesting sites, and treat an infestation effectively. 

What Attracts Ants

As with other pests, ants can infest your house to find food, shelter, and water. Typically, food is their main motivator. In spring, ants wake up hungry and have to find food for themselves and fuel their breeding practices. In the fall, these pests find escape from the cold and secure a constant supply of food until they thaw. No matter the season, your house can be tempting. 

An ant infestation may occur in the kitchen or bathroom. Spills, crumbs, and moisture attract ants. Once scouts discover a food source, they communicate with the rest of their group and mark their trails. A scouting mission could turn into a serious ant migration to your door. 

Keeping Ants Out of Your House


To minimize the chances of ants in your house, here are steps you can take:

  • Seal entry points. Ants can easily squeeze into your house through tiny entry points. Identifying the location of these openings and securing them could help prevent an infestation from happening. Begin with door frames, window sills, and other thresholds. Usually, ants slip through cracks and crevices. 
  • Keep your home clean. Keeping your house tidy can go a long way in controlling ant activity. Pests are drawn to food, garbage, and spills. Eliminate such incentives, so ants will move to more attractive stomping grounds. In addition, you should declutter your house. Ants can disappear in dirty, cluttered spaces. They want to escape the elements and avoid competitors and predators. 
  • Address moisture issues. Ants need humidity to stay active. When they infest your home, they prefer to be in a warm, humid environment. Moisture control could begin outside your house. Ensure the gutters, downspouts, and storm drains are clear and working properly. Also, proper drainage prevents water from seeping into the house and making a mess. 
  • Manage trash. Ants have a strong sense of smell. To keep them out of your home, you should prevent them from getting into or smelling your garbage. Make sure your recycling and garbage are covered. Wash out cans before tossed in the bin to reduce food smells. Grease, chicken bones, and other pungent garbage should be taken out to the dumpster directly. Outside, ensure the garbage cans are placed away from your house, secure, and covered.