July 14, 2024

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What Does Leland, Michigan Promise to Locals and Tourists?

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Located between Lake Leelanau and Lake Michigan, on the Leelanau Peninsula, Leland is a picturesque community that will wow you with its natural beauty. The Leland River crosses through the community, connecting the two lakes. If you are looking for a quiet, peaceful community to call home, Leland is perfect for you. However, do not mistake the area’s laid-back feel for not having a great experience. Here are some of the fun things to do in Leland, MI.

Spend a Day at the Beach

Leland is a coastal community with plenty of beaches where residents can enjoy the lakes. Beach lovers can visit Van’s Beach, which is located along Lake Michigan. It is a popular local beach that is open to the public.

Additionally, there are beaches around Lake Leelanau, like Bartholomew Park, which is commonly known as Nedow’s Beach. This place combines a public park with a beach. The park sits in the northern part of Lake Leelanau. Whether beachgoers want to swim or simply take in the stunning views of the lake, these beaches are a great place to spend your day.

Hike Scenic Trails

Enjoy Leland’s natural beauty while exercising on one of the nearby hiking trails. The Whaleback Natural Area has routes that experienced hikers can tackle. The path leads to a beautiful view of Lake Michigan.

The Houdek Dunes Natural Area also has routes for daring outdoor lovers to explore. The Houdek Dunes trails are also popular for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing during Leland’s cold winters.

Eat Some Fresh Seafood

A huge advantage of Leland’s lakeside setting is the easy availability of mouthwatering seafood. Several Leland eateries sell locally caught fresh seafood. Leland’s most popular and oldest restaurant is the Bluebird Restaurant and Tavern.

The Bluebird offers a wide selection of locally sourced fish dishes, as well as a local beer and wine menu. Diners can enjoy the outside patio along the Leland River during the summer.

Other top restaurants worth checking out include The Riverside Inn, The Cove, Streetside Grill, VI Grill, and Martha’s Leelanau Table.

Learn about Leeland’s Unique History

On the Leelanau Peninsula, the oldest and largest Ottawa settlement is where modern-day Leland is situated. Using dams to establish a sawmill powered by water, the community was developed with the river’s power. The families that joined the Leland neighborhood were Cook, Porter, Bryant, Buckman, Pickard, Cordes, and Thies, among others.

Leeland’s Unique History

These families constructed wooding stations and docks for schooners and steamers. Leland grew and developed into the lovely town it is today, featuring waterfront homes, single-family homes, cabins, vacation rentals, and more. The community’s high inventory means there is no shortage of homes for sale in Leland. If you wish to learn more about the area’s history, tour the Leelanau Historical Society Museum.

Visit the Local Harbor

The coastal position of Leland is significant in the town’s history. The harbor, located on Lake Michigan’s coast, has always been the heart of the community.

The full-service marina has a boat launch and a public picnic area. The harbor is also close to the Historic Fishtown, making it accessible to fantastic restaurants, shops, and lodges.

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