May 18, 2024

In House Innovates

In House Innovates

How To Rent Out Your Spare Room?

Summary: You can start a rental income from a spare room. If you have vacant space available in your home, you should consider using it for earning money.

High demand for rooms to rent is an opportunity for homeowners to start rental income from spaces lying vacant in their homes. If you have vacant space in your home, you should consider using the space for earning a rental income. 

Since the demand for individual rooms available for rent is increasing, you can expect a good income every month. And you don’t have to worry about the size of your room. The space should be sufficient for one person and there should be all basic facilities including 24-hour electricity, high-speed broadband, proper ventilation, and a well-fitted kitchen. 

Also, cut your spare room from the rest of the home so you don’t get disturbed by your tenant and the tenant gets privacy. Make the necessary settings and get your room listed on a rental property website such as RoomsForletto get tenants. You can get tenants for a short time like a week or a maximum of a month with longer terms if required but the space will never remain vacant. 

Advantages of renting a room

  1. Maximize usage of your property

There is little need to leave your property vacant when you have the option to rent the vacant space and start earning. It will be rental income and it will keep coming day after day and month after month. Also, it will continue for as long as you want. What is more exciting is that you can increase rentals depending on the demand and supply.

  1. Recurring income

Homeowners are getting recurring income from rooms to rent. If your home is close to a place of interest like an airport, you can rent out a room. Air travelers will rent your room to rest and relax and keep their belongings. Also, they will come again and again. For example, if a business traveler finds your room suitable, the person is most likely to stay in your room whenever he visits your city. 

  1. Get a companion

If you are single but have multiple rooms in your home, you can start renting out the rooms. In this way, you will get companions and earn some rent as well. You can even rent rooms of your second hand in another city. In this way, you can make your second home a source of income. It will never remain vacant because rental rooms are in demand. 

  1. Make friends

It is an added advantage but you can’t ignore this benefit. If you are a social person and love making friends, you can treat your tenants as your friends. They will stay in your spare room, give you rent, and become your friends. Since they will stay for a short time, you can expect to meet different people in a month.

  1. Easy to rent

It is easier to rent a room instead of a big home. You won’t have to wait for tenants as the demand for rooms is higher than that for homes. Your room will never remain vacant. Also, it will be available for your personal use as and when required. 


If you have a spare room in your home and this place remains vacant most of the time then you should consider using it as a rental room. It is better to rent the room instead of spending your hard-earned money on maintaining the space you don’t use.Also, in the UK you can rent one room in your own home and pay no tax for rental income up to £7500 per year with the governments Rent a Room Scheme.