May 18, 2024

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In House Innovates

Guide to buying a perfect desk lamp: Features and guidelines

Have you ever thought the reason for all those migraines and focus issues recently despite working from home? Are you habitual of working till late or working during late peaceful hours? You may have skipped to check the most essential reason that is causing the entire disturbance: your desk lamp! Once you know the guidelines and features of a good desk lamp, it won’t be difficult to understand whether the one you are using is correct or you need an upgrade.

Modern desk lamps can be discussed with an interior designer and some even get you an interior designer discount to get the best deals. Read further to have more insight on buying a desk lamp…

Refer to the guide to buying a perfect table lamp:

  1. Brightness is the key! For any desk or table lamp, you must first check the ability of the brightness it can deliver to you. Unless the table lamp is bright enough, you won’t feel like working for long.
  2. The second factor to consider is height adjustment. Your table lamp must move to suit your position rather you sticking to one place for enough light. Being stagnant at one position can cause bad posture and further health concerns.
  3. Pick the right color and style when you upgrade your table lamp. Loud colors may look good sometimes but, these can be annoying rest of the times. You must sync the lamp’s looks as per your interiors and personal preference.
  4. Look for additional features in the desk lamp. Modern desk lamps are operated with remote control. Thus, when you are away for a short break or have to attend a call, you can always adjust the brightness or switch off the lamp remotely to save power.
  5. Consider the power options too. Longer cords can result in trip and fall accidents. You must check the reach of power cord or look for modern designs like USB and battery operated power connection.
  6. Ask your interior designer to help you compare the various desk lamps. They have knowledge of what is in trend and what is beneficial. Some can even recommend you brands on which they get interior designer discount. If you have a good rapport with your interior designer, they don’t mind sharing the discount card with you.
  7. Trust good brands only if you wish to form an attachment with your desk lamp for long.